Cuteness overload. Check out these pictures of new baby animals born in Australian zoos. I want a baby koala, Daddy!


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  1. Did you know that eucalyptus leaves has hallucinogenic properties and koalas only look cute because all their life they’re too stoned to be aggressive beasts that bears are supposed to be and rip your face off…

  2. The Snook thinks that’s an urban legend. He says that the reason they just sit around all day is that eucalyptus leaves are an incredibly poor food source, which means they have to eat a ton of it to get any energy. But they do look pretty stoned… 🙂

    And don’t call ’em “bears” if you ever come down here. They’ve got nothing to do with bears. I called them “koala bears” once and everyone made fun of me. That said, if you piss one off they are pretty mean.

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