Snookums sent me this fun movie quiz this morning. It shows thirty film scenes with the actors digitally erased. How many can you identify? Together we managed to get nineteen. Here are the folks that made it. They’ve got some others if you’re really bored. (Warning: the first link is a 300K Excel file. I’ll host it for a while so y’all can grab it, but if tons of folks start linking to it, I’ll take it down. So get it while it’s hot!)


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  1. that IS fun, yet mildly disappointing – i only got around 10, and I am a movie junkie. What’s wrong with me? 🙂

  2. I was unsuccessfully trying to link to the file when someone from work sent it to me. Strange coincidence.

    I’m at 10 so far; I think I can get some more, but they are tricky.

  3. i was initially disappointed with my 17 until i saw the titles i missed. Magnolia? Rain Man? i’ve probably only seen those once a piece. i was excited to have gotten Jackie Brown just on the basis of the stewardess uniform as i’ve never seen it.

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