Wow. Moire found a review of a film about Amish teenagers. It sounds fascinating. I can’t believe there’s so much I don’t know about them, despite the fact that they’re everywhere in Lagrange County. Apparently they don’t baptize any kids, because you’re supposed to consciously choose to be in the religion. Thus teenagers go through a period where they can “try out” all the pleasures of mainstream society (“the Devil’s Playground”) before committing themselves fully to the Amish life. Some of them don’t make it back though.


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  1. i thought i told you about that? i first heard about it, because chad did a short film in school entitled the same thing. i had aunt deb tape it, if you ever want to see it! (i haven’t yet – i guess she recognized some of the people in it!)

  2. Crazy, isn’t’ it? I had no clue about any of that stuff, myself.

  3. What, was it broadcast in Indiana or something? How does Aunt Deb have it? And was it filmed in Lagrange? That’s nuts.

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