Good luck to Jeff and Tricia, who will be running the Chicago Marathon today. I’m just in awe. These two are my new running inspiration. In honor of their feat, I pushed myself to an all new personal best (distance-wise) today: four miles! Along the way I managed to cut another half-minute off my 5K time. I can’t believe I did it. It wasn’t that hard, either, because I tried a new technique: “walk breaks”. Basically, I always thought that walking was, like, cheating. I didn’t know it was a legitimate strategy til Tricia linked that that guy’s site last month. So I tried it. One minute walking for every ten minutes jogging. And it worked! I found myself running at a faster speed because I could tackle each one in discrete units. I’m still a slowpoke, but I’m getting better. I feel pretty good.

(Did you notice how I managed to turn a little “Good luck” message to Jeff and Tricia into a post all about me? *sigh* I blog too much.)


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  1. Thanks, Kris! The race was great (we both blogged about it, of course).

    I’m glad that the walking thing is working out for you. I should have followed my own advice a little better yesterday; I’d probably have had a faster second half.

    My friend who PR’d yesterday at 3:12 said that she always walks when she runs marathons (this was her 8th).

    Good job on the 4 miles! Remember, in the long run you’re only on a race with yourself!

  2. Hey, I tried to leave a comment at your site but YACCS seems to be down. Congratulations on your time! That’s so amazing. I’m glad you liked Chi-town too; it’s one of my favorite places. Get some rest… you’ve earned it!

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