Survivor: Thailand just finally debuted down here in Oz last night. I wasn’t going to bother to watch it – seeing as how it will be impossible to avoid spoilers, what with the U.S. show weeks ahead – but I ended up getting sucked in anyway. I hate Robb. That’s the only strong opinion I’ve formed so far. Seriously, he’s just such an ass. Anyway, after the episode they ran a promo for this Saturday, when they’re going to show the next two in a row! So maybe the plan is to get caught up to the U.S. real quick. I hope so, otherwise it’s going to be a real trial to visit certain sites and withstand the temptation to be spoiled!


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  1. i doubt it’ll surprise you too much to learn that he only gets worse. at this rate, he’ll have grated completely through my last nerve.

    two words: pos eur. 😉

  2. Ditto–keep your strength up. Sorry if this is a bit spoiler-ish, but you got a lotta Robb-hatin’ left to do.

    One more word: Dude. Repeat ad nauseum (if your name is Robb).

  3. Great. If that’s the case, maybe I shouldn’t watch anymore, huh? Are there any redeeming factors?

  4. it’s got that undeniable car wreck appeal of reality programming…?

  5. addendum: the man in quesion should form a band called Superfluous B. they could open for Tenacious D. and not to spoil, but when he was casting his vote tonight, he actually said “you’re really annoying and get on my nerves. nothing personal.” (italics mine) oy.

  6. Hmm. Well, the two new eps are on tomorrow night so I guess I’ll set the VCR. But if I’m still feeling ambivalent afterwards, I might try to cut myself off before I get too involved. I have to have somebody decent to root for. If they’re all assholes, I’d rather save myself the trouble.

  7. Oh, there are decent people to root for (Shii Ann, for example)…it’s just that Robb is so idiotic that he may dominate your thoughts. Don’t give up on the show! 🙂

  8. Oh My God. He is such an ass! When he flipped off the other team and called them “bitches”? I hate hate hate him. (In one of the TWOP recaps, somebody suggested that he was cloned in a laboratory for the express purpose of starring on a reality TV game show. He’s as annoying as he is despicable, yet he’s fairly telegenic. Ass.)

    And don’t even get me started on the Ghandia and Ted thing. I like Ted. Even if he did screw up, I was impressed by his apology. She was so outta line telling everybody about it (and leaving out the apology part!). I hate her too now.

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