A German dish that we really enjoy is Flammkuchen, which is essentially an Alsatian pizza. It’s a common thing you can buy in Biergartens, but you can also make it at home pretty easily!

Flammkuchen ingredients

Here are the ingredients you need: pre-made Flammkuchen dough (or you can make your own using this recipe), pesto, crème fraîche, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and beer. (Well, actually the beer is just for the chef! 🍺)

Crème fraîche and pesto

The first step is to mix up the crème fraîche and pesto in a bowl…

Flammkuchen dough

Here’s the flammkuchen dough unrolled out on the baking tray. It’s rectangular, but you can also make them circular if you’re making your own. The dough comes on baking paper, so you can just bake it right on that.

Flammkuchen dough with sauce

Then you spread the crème fraîche and pesto all over the dough.

Adding cheese

Next you add the mozzarella. The one I like comes in a single lump and I just tear it up and scatter it around.

Cherry tomatoes

Lastly, you add the cherry tomatoes and then season with salt and pepper. Obviously you could put other ingredients on there too – little bacon lardons are pretty popular! Then the whole thing goes in a hot oven for like 15 minutes.


And here’s the finished Flammkuchen! 🍕🍺