I feel like Forrest Gump. These are my magic running shoes! I thought I’d take it easy today, seeing as how I haven’t been to the gym in nearly a week and I’m still wary about my back and my Achilles tendon. I figured I’d just do a mile or two and see how I felt. Well, I felt great! I breezed through the first mile and just kept going. I ended up shaving another 15 seconds off my 5K time (38:15). What’s more, I cut way down on the walk breaks. (I took short breaks after each of the first two miles, and then two more during the last mile and a bit.) And my back didn’t hurt at all! Usually by the second mile it’s practically spasming (is that a word?), but today I didn’t have to stop to stretch it at all. Hooray for the new shoes!

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  1. That’s also part because you really pushed yourself the last time with the 5 miles. That’s the best thing about running–it really rewards you for pushing yourself.

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