Artists are funny people. I was just chatting to my sister, who’s readying some sort of exhibit for an art show next week. It involves pigs and neon… and some sort of pitchfork. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation so you can see for yourself:
Amy: hmm. man, i forgot to tell you…my pig mold is destroyed. i can’t make anymore. (i tried to use polyester resin as a medium, and it was old and never hardened. it’s like, impossible to clean out.)
Me: too bad. so you didn’t even get one pig?
Amy: no, i got 2 and a portion of one out of wax. (it broke.) our stuff for the show is due next week, and i already ordered my neon sign. i’m screwed. 🙁
Me: why screwed?
Amy: i wanted 3 to sit below the sign, then another to go on top of this pitchfork i welded. i don’t have any time to re-sculpt the pig and make a new mold.
Me: hmmm… “pitchfork i welded”
Amy: yeah, if i really apply myself, i’m thinking i might have time to sculpt a PIG’S ASS and get a mold made this weekend. then i can pour a few wax ones in time for the show. they can go next to the pigs’ heads. 🙂
Me: what’s, like, the message of this piece?
Amy: i hate school. i hate st. francis. what better way to show it than pigs and asses and a neon sign that says “eat me” ?
Me: hahahaha
Amy: i’m hoping somebody asks me that same question at the show.