The Twitter takeover is complete. As soon as this whole rigamarole started a few months back I decided to start cutting down on my usage of the platform. In the end I’ve decided I don’t want to be counted as a Daily Active User on any platform run by that man, so today I downloaded the archive of all my old tweets and then used Tweet Deleter to blast them all. I’ve kept the account as I don’t want anyone to grab the username and pretend to be me, and I do still use it to log in to a couple services. But I’ve deleted the app off all my devices, and I’m going to do my absolute best to stay off it unless absolutely professionally necessary.

If you want to do the same, you can start by going into your Settings and requesting an archive of all your data.

Download your Twitter archive

Once you’ve got that, you can either delete your account or else delete each tweet manually. Tweet Deleter has a cost – I paid €12 for one month’s unlimited access – but I know that various folks are working on free Open Source solutions. (Here’s one.)

So what now? I plan on doing more blogging here, and going back to the old days of RSS feeds. I might think about integrating my old tweets into the blog somehow, but not sure yet. I’ve got like 700+ old posts that actually refer to my tweets, so I’ll have to fix those at some point too. I don’t think I’ll enable comments; if you want to ask me something, you can email or hit me up on Facebook or LinkedIn.