The Sydney Morning Herald is running an interesting story about research on lab-grown meat. The first sentence is what caught my eye: “It’s possibly the vegetarian’s dream, and the meat-eater’s worst nightmare: flesh grown in a Petri dish for human consumption.” You know, as a carnivore I don’t think I’d have any problem with this. I don’t eat meat because I like killing animals; I eat it because I like the taste and texture. If I could get that without hurting anything, so much the better. (Truth be told, unless we’re going out I find myself getting more and more bored with food. It’s this new impatience I have with maintenance. It just annoys me that in 2003 we still have to spend over a third of each day sleeping and eating and washing and evacuating wastes. Shouldn’t science have fixed that already? Screw the lab-grown fillet mignon; I’ll have mine as a pellet, thank you very much.)