Friday Five:

1. Where are you right now?
Sitting in front of my computer in our upstairs office.

2. What time is it?
9:15 am. I just got up. Luckily the office is only a quick stumble across the hall from the bedroom.

3. What are you wearing?
Comfy brown corduroys that – thanks to the diet – are now way too big for me to wear in public, and an old Notre Dame T-shirt. Oh, and my glasses. Boy, I sound attractive, don’t I?

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them.
As you might guess, the Snook is sitting nearby at his own desk. He’s about to head out to the brew store to pick up some supplies for his next recipe. My house is going to stink again this weekend.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
Pretty mundane stuff. I need to clean the house before Rodd’s parents visit this afternoon. I also need to do some laundry since I haven’t in ages. I’ve got two scarves to finish up and send, and a sock monkey to create. I’ve also sworn to go to the gym, since I haven’t in a month. Isn’t that terrible? Luckily my weight hasn’t moved, so at least I’m not any worse off.