You Mac OSX users should go download the 4.2 beta version of OmniWeb. Still no tabbed browsing, but it’s got a new feature that I’m loving: a “zoomed” form editor. Basically, wherever you have a text box on a web page (like where you enter comments on this site), there’s a little button near the scroll bar. Click it and up pops an editing window for you to enter your text in. (It dynamically updates on the page itself.) So when you’re entering large amounts of text, you can have a full-size window and don’t have to keep scrolling. I’m really amazed nobody’s thought of this before. I was heeding the siren call of Safari, but OmniWeb has once again reeled me back in…


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  1. Yeah man OmniWeb. It’s still my browser of choice. Safari just doesn’t do anything for me–certainly not enough to make me switch. OmniWeb has all my stuff just so and it has the good control of cookies which I like since I find cookies evil except for a few sites where I like them. Plus Omniweb uses the built-in OS X text functions (ahem, spelling) which is quite handy for writing posts. I’ve been using Chimera a lot lately and I really like it too, but overall I thing Omni has the edge still. I also think Chimera is a dumb name for a browser project.

  2. I feel exactly the same, Dan. I’m interested to see what OmniWeb does in response to Safari. I’ve never even used a tabbed browser before, but recent Slashdot discussions make it sound like the best thing ever. I’d be curious to see whether they put something like that in.

  3. Ok I got 4.2 b1 and it’s a little crash-happy. Nothing major. Hmmm, well I got the zoomed editor to work. This is pretty nice.

  4. Oh good. I noticed an increased tendency to crash (well, increased in that it’s, like, the only application that *will* crash in OSX) and wondered if it was just me. I can’t figure out what triggers it either…

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