You know, all the thank you’s I’ve been getting have been great, but I’m thisclose to taking the damn Valentine down. There are still jerks sucking up my bandwidth despite me asking three times now for them to stop. I’m sorry to punish everybody for the actions of a few, but I’m now looking into barring all external image serving permanently. For now I’ve just renamed the image… for the third time. Do I sound frustrated and bitter?

Update: I’ve used .htaccess to block all external image serving. If I was hosting an image for you and it’s now appearing broken, let me know and I’ll add it to the exception list.


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  1. just take it down, or donate it to a simpsons website where they can host it for all these people who don’t know any better (and those that do but still want to pee you off). in any regard, the replacement graphic is great! 😀

  2. Thanks. I don’t mind if a Simpsons site wants to host it; I keep telling people they can copy it to their servers. I honestly don’t mind. That’s better than driving up my monthly bandwidth total.

  3. you do sound frustrated and bitter, but justifiably so.

  4. I gave ‘im whatfor. I’m pretty sick of people pulling this crap on you, myself. It’s so frustrating when this sort of thing happens; I was having something similar occur when someone linked from one of those stupid “Am I” sites to an image on my server. Annoying as hell.

    I’d just set up your server so no one from the outside can direct-link your files. I think it’s pretty easy to make exceptions for your friends’ domains. I think it’d be worth it.

    Bandwidth theives SUXX0R!! ;P

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