Who could you take in a fight? I could take Eddie Vedder, especially since he gave such a wimpy-ass answer.


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  1. Avril Lavigne, although i bet she’s a hair puller.

    David Sedaris & Joss Wheadon had the best answers, (“that kid from The Sixth Sense” and God, respectively).

  2. My thoughts exactly on the Eddie Vedder answer–give the earnestness a freaking break for a while, Ed.

  3. I liked Dave Chappelle’s answer. A lot of people went the “children, elderly, and infirm” route, but his had the most comic subtlety. I can’t believe no one went with dead people. I could take Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Even if you gave him a sturdy brass-tipped walking stick I could take him every day of the week and twice on Sundays. P.S. Armistead Maupin was in the Navy? Heheh.

  4. I hated the people who said, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.” Oh lordy. People, don’t pussy out!!! Sheesh.

    I could take Christina Aquilera. She looks like she’s pretty tough, despite her size. She’d be the type to stab you in the back as you were walking away. So, it wouldn’t be a fair fight by any means. I do think I can take her, however.

  5. I think i could take Trent Reznor. He’s small, i’m big for a girl, and the body contact would be yummy. Plus i’ve never been a drug addict.

  6. Word on Avril, Brigita. You could yank her around by her stupid neckties.

    I too was disappointed in the “lover not a fighter” answers. I was really hoping for something more from Ani Difranco.

    I totally agree on Christina fighting dirty, Mia. You’d have to be ready for that. Of course, since she’d probably be wearing ass-less chaps and a tube top there’d be lots of skin available for scratching. I’d give you the advantage there.

    Hi Jessi! Great answer. Those drug addicts are pretty scrawny. 🙂 Your site is gorgeous, by the way…

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