Zen GardenSnookums and the Art of Zen
We recently cleaned up our office and uncovered the long-forgotten zen garden. Here’s what the Snook created. Any interpretations? Personally, I find it interesting that the rocks are “unbalanced” and seem bunched up on one side. Also note that he’s “buried” the rocks beneath layers of straight lines. So perhaps this “unbalanced” side is something that’s contained and buried deep within.

Or maybe he just likes making straight lines with the little rake. *shrug* I dunno.


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  1. it makes me think of his stomach and how he used to have rock soup in there doing funny things –

  2. When I look at it, I think of an angry robot. The strip of vertical lines are the robot’s eyes, and the rocks are his teeth.

    But let’s see… According to Moire’s Guide To Zen And Mental Health, 6th Ed., pg. 872… I’d say the Snook is feeling conflicted. The jumbled rocks, faced on either side with stark horizontal lines, represent his psyche, being crushed beneath the weight of his obligations. The vertical lines represent you, Kris, and show how he views your attempts to break up the monotony, to ease the pressures, of his every day life.

    Heh! Whatever. Your guess is as good as mine! I think it’s all sort of silly, though, attempting to interpret someone’s emotional or spiritual state by looking at a mini-zen rock garden. 😉

  3. Oh it’s definitely silly. He admitted last night that he doesn’t do curves because the rake is too big. I just think it’s fun. 🙂

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