Sorry for the extended silence. We’re having some problems with our home net connection and I can’t post. (The nerdy explanation: Whenever we go to a page that requires HTTP authentication – i.e. a password – the proxy dies and we get locked out of the site for ten minutes.) So yeah, the Snook’s working on it. Rest assured that I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to discuss, including last night’s TV special: “The Micheal Jackson Interview – The Footage You Weren’t Meant to See.” (My quick two-second summary: “Just because Martin Bashir is a bit of a wanker doesn’t make Jackson any less freaky.”) I know you’re all breathless with anticipation…

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  1. yay! you are alive! hope you get better soon. can’t wait to hear your thoughts on michael – dress it up any way you like, michael, but it still doesn’t change the fact that your lifestyle is ummm, strange… understatement of the year.

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