Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are starring in The Pirates of the Caribbean, according to this interview. I predict that the sight of such chiseled and beautiful cheekbones on the screen together will be almost too painful to look at. Almost.


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  1. Heh. What a name, Orlando. I simultaneously think of Disney World and Billy Dee Williams.

  2. if you’re thinking of good cheekbones then i must point out that the equally spunky keira knightley from “bend it like beckham” and “the phantom menace” is also in the film… but will its depiction of pirates beat the goonies?

  3. Heh. Are you using “spunky” in the American sense of youthful and vivacious, or the Aussie sense of “Mmm, phwoar!”? 🙂

  4. Have you not seen some of the still yet? They were released a few months ago. Eye candy overload, I’m telling ya!

  5. Some of the STILLS, because I am stupid

  6. Ooh, no, we need a link! Hook us up, Nicci! 🙂

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