The Snook’s company has released a fun little time-waster of a Flash game called Penguin Panic. It’s basically Frogger, just with a little penguin. Apparently in the first version there were polar bears that you had to avoid, but Rodd eventually stopped laughing and pointed out that penguins and polar bears live at opposite poles. 🙂

Eek! Link removed. Apparently that’s just a secret little test thing and I wasn’t really supposed to link to it. Oops! If you linked it on your blog or something, could you take it down for now? I’ll tell you when we get permission.


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  1. heh heh. that was a lot of fun. and much cuter than frogger, especially seeing as i have had a fear of frogs ever since one jumped on me in a classroom and hung off my head until somebody else grabbed it back when i was sick. poor little penguin, trying so hard to get home…

  2. umm, that was six. fruedian slip, perhaps? 🙂

  3. I agree, poor penguin. This game makes me sad. Well, at least he had the good luck to be on the one river that flows both ways at the same time 😉

  4. y’know — i once won a free latte at starbucks for knowing the polar-bears-and-penguins-at-opposite-poles fact… I wish more starbucks offered coffee for trivia answers!

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