Well, our Russ got hitched today. The Snook was talking to me about something completely unrelated when they flashed some “official” shots from the wedding on the news. I hadn’t even had a chance to comment when he burst out, “Oh my God! Look at his hair!” It cracked me up. (The Snook, not Russell Crowe. Although that hair really was atrocious.) He likes to pretend that he’s so above such superficial tabloid celebrity crap, but really he’s a closeted pop culture beeyotch like the rest of us. 🙂


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  1. the hair really is awful. a blond ponytail for goodness sakes! there’s just no need!

  2. Yeah. He looked like the Prince from the end of “Beauty and the Beast”, but not in a good way. In a doofy way.

  3. i thought he had finsihed that new shipfaring ridley scott movie? so why is he holding onto that horrific hair style? it’s the kind of look his children will be laughing about in years to come… ahoy landlubbers!

  4. Ah, so it’s a pirate thing? That makes slightly more sense. I thought maybe he just liked the look of it.

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