Actual Australian towns: Humpty Doo, Hat Head, Seventeen Seventy, Poowong, and Monkey Mia. There are hundreds of other funny ones, but those are my current favorites.


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  1. I particularly like Monkey Mia.

  2. I knew you would! Actually I want to visit there. There’s a bay where the dolphins swim right up to the people. Supposed to be awesome…

  3. Dondingalong is cute don’t you think?
    It’s not far from Hat Head.

  4. My parents just went on a trip up north of WA, and stopped off at Monkey Mia. my mother was chosen out of the audience to get in the water with the dolphins and help feed them. she was so excited she jumped in with her camera… so now there is no evidence to prove that she ever did it. she did say it was one of the best things she has ever done in her life though.

  5. Poowong is a lovely, pretty place

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