Woohoo! I managed to fix that bug that prevented Safari users (including myself) from saving their cookies at this site. If you’re using GoddessBlog, you need to rewrite a few lines to make it work. If anybody else notices any weirdness when leaving comments here (like if it suddenly won’t remember your name), please let me know.In addcomment.php, look at lines 34-37. I’m using the “header” command to send the cookies to the browser. Safari is kinda puking on this, so instead we’ll send them a different way. Just change those lines to look like this:

$date = date(“D, d-M-y H:i:s”, ($time));
setcookie (“userName”, $userName, $time, ‘/’,
setcookie (“userEmail”, $userEmail, $time, ‘/’, ‘www.web-goddess.org’);
setcookie (“userUrl”, $userUrl, $time, ‘/’, ‘www.web-goddess.org’);

That should do it! Oh, and of course, replace the www.web-goddess.org with your own domain name. 🙂


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  1. I am giving the new Safari a try. This might be the end of ol OmniWeb. I will miss the zoomed editor thing. But tabs are cool, and OmniWeb just can’t keep up it seems like.

  2. I know. I had a twinge of guilt this morning when I saw the OmniWeb icon staring dolefully at me from the Dock. I’m pretty much using Safari full time now. Tabs are just too cool. It’s still lacking a lot of features OmniWeb has though. Like, occasionally I want to know how big in pixels an image is. There’s no way to find that out with Safari. But on OmniWeb, open the image in a new window and hit Command-I for Info. Voila! I’m still using Safari, but little things like that would make me a lot happier.

  3. I am going to miss the cookie management that OmniWeb has. I *really* liked that. But since I reject cookies from 99% of sites, I can live with Safari. For the sites that I do like cookies from, Safari will work for those too with a little workaround. For the occasional must accept cookie even thought I don’t want to situation, well, I guess I’ll fire up OmniWeb!

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