Australian television is airing the infamous UK coughing episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire tonight. It looks like we’ll be the first place in the world to see it!


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  1. I’ve just seen the Martin Bashir documentary about it and am now watching the episode in its entirety.

    Jesus! It all seems sooo obvious. What a bunch of monkeys. The furtive glances by his wife are a hoot.

  2. Dammit! After all that build-up, I missed the episode! We went to see a movie instead. I hope they re-show it. So they really were that obvious about it? They protested their innocence so much that I started to doubt…

  3. I thought it was pretty obvious (although I guess that’s easy to say in hindsight). The funniest part was the fake coughing by the wife during the Craig David question. Ba ha! What a bad actress 🙂

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