The big news Down Under today is that a major pharmaceutical company has lost its license and has sparked the biggest medical product recall in Australian history. Check out the list of products. They make just about every generic vitamin supplement on the market! In fact, newsreaders tonight found it easier to tell us which products weren’t being recalled rather than go through the whole list of ones that were. Apparently the investigation was triggered when a lot of people suddenly reported bad side effects from an over-the-counter motion sickness pill: “Some people were very, very ill and tried to jump out of planes and off ships because of the hallucinatory effect it had.” Yikes. I’ve checked through our supply of vitamins and thankfully we’re all clear. Hooray for Blackmore’s!


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  1. Really, really piss poor Quality Assurance. In some packets of, say, 10 pills you would get 5 or 6 with no active ingredient at all, and then one pill with 5 to 6 times the required dose of active. Alot of people are going to get there ass well and truly kicked.

  2. Will this have any repercussions for other pharm/chemical companies (like you guys)? You don’t make any drugs though, do you? Hee. I wonder if that depillatory counts. 🙂

  3. I’m not sure about repurcussions. It may make some companies realise that alot of the time contracting out every part of their product manufacturing is not always the way to go.
    The last I heard they were blaming it all on one disgruntled “lab technician” who was fired for reporting out of specification results last year. Utter load of crap. There is no way that this is the result of one pissed off guy in a lab coat running around turing off all the mixers. It’s just too widespread from the look of it.
    Were all safe. Buy our stuff!!!

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