Hmmm. I need some help. My Mom sent me one of those Jello Jiggler Easter egg molds, but the first batch yesterday didn’t go very well. The eggs all broke in half when I tried to get them out (even after running hot water over the mold), and the halves themselves weren’t as stiff as I remembered. Do you have to modify the basic Jello recipe at all for Jigglers? I was thinking that maybe I should use less water and that would stiffen them up a bit. Any ideas, either for the recipe or the unmolding process?


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  1. I’m vegetarian, so I don’t eat Jell-O anymore, but I recall you do. A quick check of the site says 2-1/2 cups of boiling water to 2-pkgs (8 oz) Jell-O. No cold water.

  2. Ah, thanks to both of you. The cooking spray trick is just what I need. As for the recipe… Does anybody know what the normal amount of water you put in for a box of jello is? I’m trying to figure out the ratio, since I don’t think my Jello here comes in the same size boxes.

  3. Use only 1 1/2 cups boiling to an 8oz box of Jello. Use spray for non-stick. Pry the molds slightly open with a butter knife. Shake the mold, open, and the eggs should come out nicely.

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