Survivor was SO infuriating last night! The Snook and I watched in horror as Christy dug her own grave. Rob is a desperate man, and you don’t mess around with desperate men. She developed a bad case of what I like to call “The Hubris of the Swing Vote”. I laughed when she called Jenna and Heidi the “evil stepsisters” at the end though.

The gameplay actually wasn’t the really infuriating bit though. It was the whole reunion thing. I honestly can’t get why these people freak out after being away from their loved ones for a month. A friggin’ month! I haven’t seen any of my family for over a year and a half. Yeah, I’m homesick, but I don’t burst into tears at the mere mention of them. It just completely plays into the international perception that Americans are whiny little babies who never leave home. I could almost justify it in Jenna’s case, since her Mom is sick and all, but then why in the hell would you go on a game show if your Mom had cancer anyway? ARRRGGGGH.

I’ve got nothing but praise for Channel 9 though, since they’re showing an extra episode this Saturday to get us caught up with America. Thus I’ll only have to avoid Internet spoilers for 24 hours rather than a week, which would’ve been impossible. At this point I’m cheering for anybody but the “evil stepsisters”. Even Psycho Matt would be better than them. (And note to Heidi: It’s pronounced “percent”, not “persint.”)