Nasty big wet floodA disastrous turn…
Um, yeah, so that rain I mentioned? It turned out to be the biggest flood in over fifty years. Snookums’s parents’ house is seriously located right in the middle of the swath of destruction, yet luckily they’re up on a high hill and most of the bridges near us were still passable. We couldn’t get back to Sydney til Tuesday though, when we lucked out and discovered a train that was still running. Now we’re back in civilization at Snookums’s sister’s house (hooray for cable modems!) and planning our tour of the city. Since the flood cut into my time in Sydney, we managed to call my office in London and convince them to let me stay an extra couple of days. I got Qantas to move my ticket, and Voila! I’m here til next Tuesday. Apologies to my patient visitors for the extended sabbatical, but I promise to have lots of interesting stuff to share when I get back. Later…


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  1. G’day Sheila!

    How are the tinnies?

    Bruce Ferret

  2. hey, while you’re over there, could you find out the scoop about those australian newspapers’ survivor spoilers?? i’ve already got my big money down on intertops for amber, tina, and keith. i’ll throw 5% in for ya… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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