Max linked to a good article about the current European culture of fear. As an American currently living across the pond, I definitely think that the “irrational fears” are worse over here than at home. Sure, Americans distrust the government, but the British distrust everybody. Back home in Indiana, the only thing I really feared was a car accident (whether from a drunk driver or hitting a deer). Here, though, we fear the trains, we fear the beef, we fear the cell phones. We have the disasters to back it up, too! Personally, my big current one is that “deep vein thrombosis,” seeing as how I’m flying to Sydney in less than two days. My doctor advised that I take half an aspirin and move around a lot, but after reading that article I think I’m going to be jogging laps up and down the aisles. (What about alcohol? Alcohol thins the blood, right? Bring on the cocktails!)


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  1. now i’m not saying that you *are*, but taking the pill increases the chances of having a blood clot. so moving around is a good idea… two words:

    mile-high club.


    (ok, two and a half)

  2. Heh. Well, I’m not sayin’ that I *am*… but yeah, my doc kinda mentioned that the other day. But thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    Mile-high club? Have you SEEN how small the bathroom is on a modern 777??

  3. not to mention how *sexy* that blue water smells. personally, just being on the same *flight* as J. makes me all kinds of happy inside (we’ve only done that one and a half times).

  4. WHAT? You actually pulled it off? How do you do it? (At this point, I’m lookin’ for *anything* to liven up the flight.) 🙂

  5. oh GOD no, i was talking purely in hypothetical. but i hve read an article about it… basically they recommended that you do it long after the post-meal rush, ideally a bit after the cabin lights have been shut off and people are trying to get some shut eye. one of you goes into the bathroom, and then a little while later the other knocks lightly on the door (be sure it’s the same bathroom!) and voila! i think they recommended that you leave in shifts as well. it’s probably wise to arrive…er…ready to cut down on time. i don’t know that a plane bathroom is condusive to foreplay. 😉

  6. i also remember the article saying that, in all likelihood, the flight attendants will know exactly what you’re up to.

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