More quiz madness: According to the London Zoo, my ideal animal blind date would be a “Moon Jellyfish.”
If the jellyfish wants you, you’re an easy catch. It’s covered in stinging cells, which are used to paralyse its prey. Conversation is doomed if you don’t enjoy speaking to a cucumber, since the jellyfish consists of 96% water and that doesn’t leave room for much of a brain… Treat yourselves to an afternoon in a flotation chamber.
Which sucks, because if there’s one kind of animal I hate, it’s the slimy ocean-dwelling kind. *shudder* Why couldn’t I have gotten a nice kitty cat? (Link courtesy of brigita.)


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  1. ooh…moon jellies are the coolest! ok, i know that jellyfish are kinda creepy/scary in their lurkiness, but they are really beautiful.

    my appreciation of the murky deep, fertile as a result of my bio geekiness, has been deepened by my periodic visits to one of the greatest aquariums in the world:

    and it’s just down the street from me!

    this is what they have to say on the subject: “MOON JELLIES: Jellies are the graceful drifters of the open sea. The moon jellies exhibit provides a closer look at their delicate beauty.”

    Also: “Take a look at a brand-new exhibit of baby moon jellies, then step behind the scenes and learn how we raise these jellies both for our exhibits and as food for other animals.”

    my $0.02…

  2. Ugh. In order for you to fully grasp my relationship with the rest of Kingdom Animalia, you should know that Snookums got me a children’s book entitled “Animals Scare Me Stiff!” for Christmas.

    And I *especially* don’t like stuff in the water. I don’t eat it, and I certainly wouldn’t wanna date it.

  3. ah…good points, all. things best viewed through glass, that’s for sure. personally, i can’t go snorkeling for more than 15 minutes without hyperventialating. i still have a lingering childhood fear of sharks. i even used to think that the sound of the pool filters was someone letting crocodiles into the pool when i had swimming lessons when i was 5.

    so you ever wonder how we didn’t turn out more F-ed up than we did?

  4. Exactly! And throw in the fact that I’m heading to Australia in three days, which probably has more poisonous animals per capital than any other country in the world. Rodd’s already warned me about the “blueys” (jellyfish) in the water and the “goannas” (big effin’ lizards) in his backyard. After a couple weeks of that, I’ll probably run shrieking from everything that doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

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