Grrrr. I was just checking my bandwidth statistics at Portland and I was shocked to discover that during February my site has exceeded the montly allowance by more than 500%. And you know why? Because of the Valentine. I’m really glad that so many people posted it on their site, but for future reference, it’s always best to copy an image to your own server and link to it there. Otherwise my host has to bear the brunt of serving images to lots of un-related sites, and then the patient yet frustrated web-goddess has to pay an extra $20 for her bandwidth that month. And that pisses her off.


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  1. oops. sorry, WG. 🙁

  2. Nah, it’s okay. I authorized it with you, because I can handle that. But a couple other people linked to the big version on their home page, so it was getting pulled every time somebody hit it. You should’ve seen my face when I saw the “Bandwidth Bar Graph.” The line for January was about half an inch long, and the line for February was, like, six inches long. In retrospect is was actually pretty funny. 🙂

  3. hey–do you have any suggestions of what to look for in a web host? see, we recently switched from dell (got gobbled up by MSN) to earthlink and i’m not too pleased with earthlink and would rather not get a host that was too tightly linked to our ISP…

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