oh what a night… it looks like the ‘backer has it’s own website! just in case you wanted to research their menu and/or buy some authentic ‘backer gear. in spired by their [in]famous sign—”linebacker inn; steaks and cocktails”—i always wanted to walk in there and ask for a prime rib, a martini, and a room.

as i was never much of a ‘backer backer, i was saddened to see that Club 23 doesn’t have a website of their own. my search on google only turned up some “tour” dates on local bands’ sites and some blurb on NDToday.com, “What I Wish I Knew When I Was a Freshmen:” [sic]

No matter how bad it looks on the outside, Club 23’s juke box makes it one of the coolest bars in South Bend.

my question is, how would knowing that as a first year student help you in any way? how many freshmen can actually get into club? my other gripe is that everyone knows that the coolest thing about club is the slushies and how the unique “atmosphere” makes you appreciate california’s strict smoking laws five years after graduation. smelling like an ashtray has never been known to help alleviate hangovers… (Posted by Brigita.)