Another Bar Bust! The South Bend Police Department raided Benchwarmer’s last night and busted 50-60 underage college students. My thoughts upon reading this article:

  1. Benchwarmer’s??? Who the hell goes to Benchwarmer’s? And furthermore, who goes to Benchwarmer’s on Wednesday night and stays out til 1 a.m.?
  2. The kid who said “I was just getting my groove on and they hit me on the dance floor” was definitely still drunk.
  3. Some students “express[ed] shock that two bars were raided in the same school year.” Well, duh. But what the hell did they expect? Did they think that the cops had already fulfilled their quota for this year?

I’m probably supposed to feel all outraged that “The Man” is raining on our fun and all, but by senior year all the underage assholes just annoyed me. Yeah, sophomore year I used a fake a couple times, but I didn’t act like it was my friggin’ right. And for God’s sake, drink good beer in a decent bar! I can’t give respect to people who willingly drink American light beer (unless they’re tailgating Weasels).