heya weasels! howie has been kind enough to invite me to be the west coast correspondent for Weasel ‘Blog. i feel like it’s the first day of school in a new town, or sumthin: should i CapiTaliZe? would i be super lame if i plug my own ‘blog? (blogspot is down at the moment…) what happens if i try to be funny and fall flat on my face [again]? anyhow, i did bring something for show-and-tell that is somewhat dated but remotely PW/ND related. the e-mail by which i learned of this defamatory blather stated that one should not write a letter to the editor, but rather contact the columnist directly. maybe eternal damnation is too steep a punishment for unjustly slamming our Alma Mater, but being on the wrong end of a spam deluge should teach him a lesson. 😉 (Posted by Brigita.)