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  1. Clear liquids. Wait 1 hour after throwing up then start with only a teaspoon (flat pop is good). Then if you keep it down, 2 teaspoons 15 minutes after that. Double the amounts every 15 minutes until you feel better. (Provided courtesy of nurse @ Bristol Street Pediatrics). BTW, Joey woke us up last night about 11:30 crying. Threw up then all over his bed. Threw up all night until 7:30 this morning. Talked to the nurse @ dr office and followed her instructions. He’s feeling much better now. Still lethargic and laying around. She said there is a viral infection going around. Maybe you had one too? Get better….

  2. If I’m not super sick I’ll just try to eat whatever and if I hold it, yay it’s over. But when I’m really sick I will of curse have 0 appetite and I might try club soda but that never works and my best bet is to just hibernate and live off of stored blubber.

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