Am I the only one that hopes this genetic discrimination law will be eventually used to protect homosexuals? As good ol’ Ted Kennedy says, “No American should be denied health insurance or fired from a job because of a genetic test.” Now all we need to do is find the genetic basis, and whoomp! There it is! How sneaky of Congress. I like it.


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  1. Nice try, but I don’t think it will work unless homosexuals are specifically fired or denied insurance. I don’t think that this would apply to general discrimination, just like it wouldn’t apply to general discrimination based on gender (that’s easy to prove with DNA). Call me crazy, but wouldn’t an Equal Rights Ammendment be a nice thing?

  2. It *would* be a nice thing. I’m just grasping at what meagre straws I can. You’re probably right about this. I just liked the idea that some of the conservatives pushing for the bill might not have realized that more is determined by your genes than your propensity to get various diseases.

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