Oh yeah, it’s on. Tonight at 7:30 pm – USA vs. Scotland. Go Eagles! Anybody in Sydney want to meet me at the pub for this one?

Update: Poo. I can’t find anybody to go with and the Snook’s busy with his workmates tonight. This is a sign that I should go back to my original plan of going to the gym instead of drinking beer.


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  1. I’m guessing Scotland lost….

    Scotland should just stick to cabre tossing and making haggis!

  2. Halftime… and the Scots are up 24-9! Poodoo.

  3. The dirty haggis-eaters won! Curse ye, Ferret.

  4. damn.
    I was in class last night. I was really hoping to see that game too. But it looks like the US team gave them haggis suckers a good fight in the 1/2 half.

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