My weekend…

  • Dinner at the new Bridge Street Wagamama. Way too many carbs, but oh. so. yummy.
  • Cheap bacon and egg breakfast at the greasy spoon down the street. Again, yummy.
  • Browsed through the DVD sale at Kmart and picked up a copy of Strange Brew, which the Snook has never seen. Eh, hoser.
  • Managed to get ht://Check running (with the Snook’s help). Used it to scan Roald Dahl for broken links. Found several hundred. Ouch.
  • Ran 4K and then biked 5K at the gym.
  • Did many, many loads of laundry.
  • Knitted half a dozen more stripes on Harry Potter scarf.
  • Scrubbed mildew in bathroom shower.
  • Enjoyed the hot sun in our freestanding backyard hammock.
  • Cheered for Australia. Cheered against England.
  • Read another hundred pages of Mansfield Park.
  • Repotted our lemon tree into a bigger pot, then successfully separated our conjoined pineapple twins into two other pots.
  • Attended Pump class at gym. Now cannot move.

Yeah, we were busy. But it feels good to be productive. Check out our garden. First two pics are of the newly separated pineapples, while the last is of our veggies. See how big our corn is getting? The cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely too.

Lemon tree and pineapple     The other pineapple     The veggie patch