Oh. My God. Okay, so for a while now I’ve been trying to discover the name of a TV show I used to watch back in the 80’s. It was about a kid and somebody else that travelled through time fixing things (sorta like “Quantam Leap”, but with famous historical incidents). In particular, I remember an episode where Thomas Edison was having trouble inventing the lightbulb because all the different materials he tried for filaments kept burning through. In the end they discovered that a thread from the kid’s shirt did the trick (which is of course completely wrong, given that the kid probably wasn’t wearing a shirt of tungsten, but I wasn’t the type of viewer to question). Anyway, what’s the point of this?
So Bill from Mermaniac left me a comment today and I went to check out his site (which, by the way, is very cool). I started digging in his archives, and lo and behold I found a post about that very show! It was called “Voyagers!” and it only ran for a season. This site and this site have information for other nostalgic viewers.
And by the way, thanks Bill. I feel like a splinter has been removed from my brain.