Star Wars Trilogy on DVD

The Star Wars trilogy is finally coming to DVD… and I’m a little disappointed with the announcement. It looks as if they’re coming as a four-disc set with only the “Special Edition” version of the films. There’s a documentary and some missing footage, but it doesn’t sound like there are any commentaries or anything. The Snook and I predict that George is going the Peter Jackson route and he’ll later release collector’s editions with lots of extras. Money grubbing bastard!


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  1. I don’t think Lucas will ever re-release the original versions of the first trilogy: it seems to me that he’s convinced that the Special Editions were an improvement, and since he’s not working for a studio there’s nobody with the authority to tell him he’s wrong.

  2. I sadly agree. As soon as we saw the announcement this morning, Rodd was like: “You should stop watching your original VHS tapes to keep them from deteriorating, because they’ll never re-release.” I’m also guessing that none of the original cast will be featured in the extras. I remember reading somewhere that they were all pretty pissed at how little money they got and how Lucas made them sign their likeness rights away.

  3. at least peter jackson announced the details of the extended editions along with the normal ones to give people the choice of what they wanted to get, unlike the special editions of films that come out six months to a year afterwards with no forewarning so people are suckered into buying them again.
    the sad thing is, i still have my old boxset of the original trilogy but we will never get to see them in widescreen again as at the time they didn’t bother about releasing widescreen versions.
    i am also scared that they will never release the original cut of bladerunner, as i much prefer it to the director’s cut. i guess that is another video worth it’s weight in gold!

  4. Didn’t Lucas get the whole point of the South Park episode? Steven Spielberg did, and it stopped him from messing with other classics after ‘fixing’ E.T. He even wrote a letter to Trey Parker, which he describes as the meanest nice letter, but he got their point.

    When my roommates get back, I’ll steal Sally’s computer and send you the audio of Bobcat Goldwait (sp) on Bob & Tom. It’s honestly one of the funniest pieces of comedy I’ve heard in ages. And you will absolutely appreciate it. It’s about the ‘ubergeeks’ at the screening of the rerelease he attended. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it.

  5. I’m told, *cough*, that you can find ripped versions of the original trilogy laserdiscs floating around on some of the P2P networks. You know, just in case your tapes ever stop working. 🙂

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