25 degrees!

25 degrees!
Drink Pepsi? Want to maximise the number of free iTunes songs you win? Check this out. It’s hardly a novel concept, but I probably wouldn’t have thought of it. (Not that it matters, given that we still can’t even buy iTunes songs in Australia, much less win free ones with our sugar water.)

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  1. Okay, this iTunes shop business: admittedly I’m really not up with this stuff, and I’ve also had a few glasses of red wine tonight, but explain it to me – what is the advantage of buying these songs? I mean, apart from it being legal? Why not just download them? I’m perfectly happy being a music pirate. Arr, me mateys.

  2. The legal-ness. The RIAA has really been cracking down in America and a lot of folks are scared. I thought we were all pretty safe in Australia… until they raided Kazaa earlier this month. I’m guessing it’s probably a condition of the Free Trade Agreement that we have to comply over here. It’s going to get worse.

    Plus there’s the ethics of it. I mean, yeah, I’ve downloaded stuff that I’d never buy and that didn’t turn out to be worthwhile. But occasionally I find an artist that I like and I want them to be compensated. I’d just feel better about it.

    And with regards to the iTMS, they seem to have a lot of exclusive tracks and stuff that you won’t necessarily find so easily on the filesharing networks. Plus you don’t have to worry about crappy rips, bad quality, incompleteness, mislabeled songs, etc.

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