The Ultimate 80’s Quiz

The Ultimate 80’s Quiz. That’s actually a really well-done quiz! (Aside from a few spelling mistakes, anyway.) It starts really easy but gets a lot harder. I scored 72 out of 100, which puts me at the “Brat Packian” rank. Sweet.


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  1. I got 91, which is “Rad-alicious,” apparently. Those spelling errors were driving me nuts (“Potpurri”?)!!!

  2. My eyes rolled at “Dandruf.” Sheesh.

  3. I could overlook that spelling mistake just coz of the smile that recalling that scene from the Breakfast Club brought to my face…

    Btw, speaking of 80s movies, “Not Another Teen Movie” parodies a couple of them really well…right down to having Molly Ringwald as a guest appearance at the end of the movie…

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