Miss Elizabeth DIED?

I just learned today that Miss Elizabeth died last year. That probably won’t mean anything to those of you who didn’t have little brothers growing up in the 80’s. Miss Elizabeth was the manager/wife of Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the World Wrestling Federation back then. She was really pretty and nice, and though I thought she often overplayed the whole “damsel-in-distress” thing, I infinitely preferred her as my female wrestling role model to the scary and unattractive Fabulous Moolah.

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  1. oh man, that’s tragic. i loved her, and always suspected that the macho man was abusing her. what a hottie! that painkiller/vodka combo’ll get ya every time!

    on a lighter note, jen and i just bought a tivo. na na na na nah! where’s my ipod sweater? 😉

  2. Amen sister! I don’t have many memories that don’t include the WWF (and I’ll continue to call it that) and/or Dukes of Hazzard…unless it’s ditching Tony in the cornfield. >:)

  3. I’m workin’ on it! Where’s my wedding invitation? 🙂

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