AOL Presidential Match Guide

AOL Presidential Match Guide. I had an 88% compatibility rating with Kucinich. Huh, I didn’t know that. Kerry’s second with 77%. Bush is 5%. He was the absolute opposite of me on everything. The only thing I agreed with him about was limiting malpractice suits against doctors. Oh, and we both like pretzels. That’s about it.


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  1. Me too! I’m 83% with Kucinich. Gotta love the way the survey lumps “Crime/education” together as a single issue.

  2. You’re Australian, you silly person! You can’t vote! 🙂

    I’d love to see one comparing Howard/Latham though… “What importance do you place on licking the President of the United States’ arse?”

  3. Looks like im with Bush 68% I hope Aim takes this, now that shes a left coaster I wonder where she falls.

  4. Kucinich 86, Sharpton 84, Kerry 83, Bush 4 (I don’t like pretzels much).

    I was a little surprised, but then it made me reflect on how much I’m influenced by style and personna rather than the actual stance on issues.

  5. Kerry 74, Kucinich 67, Sharpton 67, Bush 26.

    I have to agree with Tricia. Very surprising – there is so much marketing of politicians, it is very healthy to actually check out a list of their policies…

  6. Dad, I think you forgot to answer the last question: “Do you ever want your eldest daughter to move back to the U.S.?” Remember everyone, a vote for Bush is a vote for Kris’s continued expatriation. (I’m not above using emotional blackmail if it means we get Bush out of office.)

  7. damn, dad! it must have been all those gun questions that put you that high. me and bush are 15% compatible, which is a little too high for me. i was 76% kucinich (too bad i don’t vote for people named “kucinich”) – 71% AL FRIGGIN’ SHARPTON (yeah! ha!) – and 70% john kerry (too bad i don’t vote for people with heads shaped like that.)


  8. i’m 82% kerry, 76% kuchinich, 70% sharpton, and 10% bush. I read an editorial today where somebody wrote that Kerry should pick Oprah as his VP running mate. now wouldn’t that be something?

  9. Okay, let the truth be told. I’m a Republican. That’s right. I admit it, I embrace it. I do still want you to move back home Kristi – and I do still love you Amy. I might just vote for Nader…nah. Hey, you should love family no matter how missguided you or they think each other is!!! Diversity of thought.

  10. I thought it must’ve been the gun questions too. Although truth be told, I’ve read that Bush isn’t necessarily the champion of the 2nd Amendment enthusiasts. Sure, the NRA backs him, but he’s waffled on some of their key issues a couple times. Plus I’m sure Ted Nugent and the rest of the environmental hunters don’t like the idea of drilling in pristine Alaskan wildlife. Besides, Kerry isn’t anti-gun either. He’s a veteran, for God’s sake! I bet Bush has never even shot a gun, except for photo ops.

    It’s okay, Cindy, I’ve still got many months to persuade you. 🙂 Anyway, there are lots of Republicans that think Bush is an idiot who’s running the country into the ground. For instance, He was a big supporter of Bush and the War in Iraq. But Bush lost him when he threatened to enshrine homophobia in the Constitution. I bet there are lots more like him. Even the fiscal conservatives are leaving him. Giving everybody $300 tax breaks is all well and good, but you can’t keep increasing spending while cutting income. Every high school economics student knows that.

    I just really don’t understand how anybody – except for nutty Christian fundamentalists – can support Bush, unless it’s one of those “don’t change horses in midstream” kind of things. We’d be at least as well off under Kerry as we are now, without the threat of a pea-brained Ivy League duty-dodging alcoholic stripping away our Constitutionally-given freedoms. That’s my rant for the day.

  11. And Eileen, I read a suggestion of Martin Sheen as running mate. How awesome would that be? 🙂

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