The Taliban can…

In a MeFi discussion of whether it’s appropriate to equate American religious fundamentalists with the Taliban*, somebody wrote an excellent parody of “The Candyman” called “The Taliban Can”. Pretty catchy!

* For the record, I don’t think comparisons with the Taliban are that far off. Sure, Bush and his cronies haven’t suggested that we stone adulterous women to death, but are their policies towards the lower classes and minorities really that much more compassionate? Both groups want to enforce their own insane religious beliefs on everybody else and unfortunately have no hesitation about using government to do it.


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  1. PLease do define American religious fundamentalist for me. I’d like to know if my beliefs place me in that much disparaged group of nutcases you reference.

  2. It’s not the religious part I have a problem with. I don’t care what god somebody prays to. It’s the separation of church and state where I get irritated. Stuff like school boards that mandate that Christian creationism gets taught instead of evolution. Judges who post the Ten Commandments in their court room. Assholes like Fred Phelps who stand outside the funerals of victims of gay bashings with signs that say “God hates fags.” Those are the religious fundamentalists. The ones who want to force everybody else to play along by their rules. It’s not fair and it’s not right. That’s my definition, anyway.

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