The wearing o’ the green

New seasonal site theme for the week… Remember kids, Guinness is good for you!


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  1. And fat free! At least that’s what the girl hocking it @ the bar said.

  2. Carbalicious though…

  3. ACK! I didn’t realize my title image was so icky and jagged looking. Stupid work monitor. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

  4. i love the new guiness ad campaign-“treat st. patrick’s day like a real holiday.” not sure if you guys are getting them in australia.

  5. love the redesign. 🙂

  6. Very cute! I just had more corned beef and colcannon for lunch (no Guinness at the office).

    My Irish great-grandmother drank her pint ‘o Guinness every day and lived to be 98.

  7. Title image is fixed now… 🙂

    Nope, haven’t seen that here, Reen. I read an article in the paper today by an Irish guy lamenting how St. Patrick’s Day is just a big marketing ploy these days.

  8. Paddy McGuinness is as entitled as anyone to say what he wants about St Patrick’s Day, but he’s really about as Irish as I am.

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