Poll: Cadbury Creme Eggs

New Poll: In honor of the disgusting Easter treat I just polished off, what’s your opinion on the ubiquitous Cadbury Creme Egg? Some folks love ’em. Personally I think they’re gross. (Yeah, yeah, I still ate one, but only because a co-worker gave it to me.)

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  1. omg.. i LOVE them.. i think in the past week ive had at least 10.. soooo gooood.. my fav thing about easter

  2. odd that you mention it! just had one last night…my first of 2004. mmm!

  3. they’re nice every once in a while as the chocolate is beautiful, but i would much rather have the cadbury caramello egg…. drool, thunk!

  4. Mmm… I have much lurve for the Cadbury Creme Egg.

  5. My wife loves them. I hate them. As much as I love sweets, those are just too sweet and sticky for my tastes.

  6. One a year does it for me, but oh, how I cherish that one.

  7. I used to try to crack them like real eggs and scoop out the yukky stuff (that, though not tasty was cool to play with) and eat just the yummy chocolate part.

    I think that it’s been several years since I’ve eaten one, though.

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