“I.T. Workers – Unhappy Campers?” Yes, yes, yes! Well, for this one, anyway. That article sums up a lot of the thoughts I’ve been having about this industry for the last couple years. I’m not happy. I don’t make anything real or useful or lasting. Most of the websites I’ve built are now dead. (At least one was sold to a porn company that wanted to mine its database.) I don’t help anybody. I don’t make the world a better place. I sit at a desk and move meaningless electrons from one place to another. It’s just not doing it for me anymore.

I need a Change. I’ve got a couple different options I’m considering. The big issue is, of course, money. I get paid more to do this unsatisfying job than I would to do anything else. Is job fulfillment worth taking a pay cut? I think I’m reaching the point where I say “yes”. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I wanna see The Sock Monkey Shop opening up.


    I think the story should be that some Space Lint floated in through an open window one night and landed in one of Kris’ socks.

    These socks though were not ordinary as with the full moon shining on them and the Space Lint, mystical powers came into force and something amazing started to occur. Kris’ Magical Socks were created!

    The Space Lint started to grow and took shape of a nearby picture which was of a monkey.

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  2. I know the feeling. A considerable number of people I know in industry also seems to be feeling the same way. It can all be quite demoralising really.

  3. You know, only 3 more years until the quilt shop dream becomes reality. Could there be room for oh, knitting supplies? With a fireplace and comfy chairs all around? Say in Middlebury? What do you say? We could call it Mom & Sissy’s?????? 🙂

  4. Last years Jobs Rated Almanac had biologist ranked as number 1. So maybe you shouldn’t have dropped freshman bio afterall. Not to sound condescending to other professions, but other than the big salaries, I don’t understand what could be satisfying about working in the business world in general, especially one of those crazy investment banking jobs where you work like 100 hours a week. Seems to me that you’d just be busting your butt so someone else can make an obscene amount of money.

  5. Combine a lot of IT people’s dissatisfaction with the current worries about outsourcing to cheaper countries… It’s a bit of a worry.

    I can’ imagine myself still being a programmer at 70…

    I just got accepted at business school, so that’s going to be my change of direction… Hopefully I’ll get to make more decisions instead of being a programmer lackey boy!

  6. count me in the same boat, kris. it’s not that i’m not grateful. it’s good to have a paying job that puts a roof over my head and food on the table – but in terms of happiness, it’s bringing me scraps 😛

    i want to shift into photography, but it’s the issue of money 🙁 damn you money!

  7. Thanks for the commiseration, guys. I took my first tentative step forward tonight. I met with someone who’s got a radically different proposal for me, but it’s something I think I’d enjoy and be good at. I don’t want to jinx it yet, so I’m just going to mull it over for a bit…

  8. Quote: “I don’t make anything real or useful or lasting.”

    I disagree with you there. You’ve made a fantastic blog script, and it’s just the type of script that I’ve been looking for myself.
    I’m having some trouble getting it to work though 🙁
    Would it be ok to email you asking for a wee bit of help?
    P.S. Us Brits aren’t crazy about Neighbours, but we do like it an awful lot 🙂

  9. Heh. Flattery will get you everywhere, Rob! 🙂

    There are definitely some bugs in GoddessBlog. Drop me an e-mail or, better yet, corner me on IM next time you see me (krisinsydney).

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