Prisoner of Azkaban trailer

Holy crap! The new Prisoner of Azkaban trailer is online and it looks awesome. (Spoiler alert!) I love all the bits that weren’t in the book, like the weird little shrunken Jamaican head on the Knight Bus and when Hermione grabbed Ron’s hand. And I LOVE the scene where she punches out Draco. Kickass! I sussed out the URL for the biggest Quicktime version if you want to go straight to that one. EXPECTO PATRONUM! (Link courtesy of Kevin.)

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  1. wwwwoooowwww, I think I’m gonna have to re-read Prisoner before it comes out

  2. Wow! I’ll be rereading too! I didn’t realize that Emma Thomas will be playing Trelawny.. great casting. Guess she and Brannah both had to be in the HP movies, but not the same ones. 😉

  3. oooooh im excited!

  4. off topic here – but i just saw some spunky knitting ladies on that couch!!! 🙂


    I’ve been looking for that album for ages!!!

    “Sittin’ and Knittin'” by The Spunky Knitting Ladies (1986).

    The follow up album, “Needle Fun”, wasn’t too bad also. I really like the songs, “Having a yarn in the barn”, “Don’t you drop wrap on my lap” and “Stiching frenzy boogie.”


  6. Heh. Did you see our sign, Clinton? 🙂

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