The Trixie Update

I’ve become obsessed with baby websites. No, Mom, it’s not that. I think I’m identifying because of the cat. Anyway, The Trixie Update is one of the best I’ve seen. Geeky parents are the most fun.


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  1. That’s an amazing site. Next thing, they’ll be adding separate RSS feeds for the Trixie Telemetry section, so we can all keep an eye on Trixie’s Diaper Leakage stats and what have you.

    (Then you just know that someone will build a site which aggregates the figures from similar sites and allows them to be ranked, and we’ll have DiaperDex.)

  2. Wow, thorough! I wonder what Trixie will think when she grows up and looks back at that site (besides ‘my parents are weird’ 🙂 )

    Although, I wouldn’t find it appropriate posting ‘Bath Week’ pictures of my child on the internet! Never underestimate how perverted some creeps out there are 🙁

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