A very fat cat

If Snookums has his way, this is what Dr. Amy Jones will eventually look like. (Good grief, can that picture be real? Snopes has nothing on it so far.) I’ve been trying to stick by the vet’s recommendations – feeding set portions two or three times during the day – but he keeps undermining my efforts. Amy has figured out that if she mews pitifully enough (or annoys him enough), he’ll give her a “little bit” of food to tide her over. She’s already noticeably bigger than she was when we got her. Darn manipulative cat!


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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the picture were real. I’ve seen cats around 25 lbs (12.5 kilos) at the rescue, and a few that looked bigger though I didn’t have an actual weight. Larger size/weight is a bit more common among male toms, particularly if they’ve been neutered in later life.

  2. Ours is only, like, two kilos right now, so hopefully we can keep her from this horrible fate. 🙂

    The biggest cats I’ve ever seen in real life were owned by our “Aunt” Margie, a little Korean friend of the family that lives in Indianapolis. She had a couple HUGE ginger toms that she only fed chicken breast… which she chewed up HERSELF. No joke. Some people can be really weird about their pets.

  3. I really doubt that Dr Amy will get fat, shes really active and young. You just need to retrain the Snook to not feed her at all, it just encourages it, although judging by his bacon and eggs, I feel empathy for Dr Amy’s begging. *drools*
    Is she playing on her cat mansion more now? Please tell her Aunty Helen says hello!

  4. She is! She climbs up to the top and she goes in the little tunnel all by herself, but she still doesn’t like to go in the little house. I wonder if it smells funny in there…

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