Inappropriate strollers.

I am not the only one that takes issue with inappropriate strollers.


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  1. nice. it puts the “infant” in “infantry.” !!! funny.

    p.s. i think amy knocked over couchcam!

  2. Yeah, she probably did. We’ve got this bird thing on an elastic cord attached to the IKEA near the TV that she loves to play with. The only problem is that if she pounces on it just right, it’ll bounce up onto one of the shelves. Then she decides she needs to climb the TV to get to it. Invariably she knocks down CouchCam in the process. It’s actually more annoying when she does it when I’m home, because then I have to get up and rescue the bird. She’ll do it over and over again too. It’s like a baby that throws its bottle repeatedly. This has taught me that I shouldn’t reproduce, because I have no patience in these situations.

    She’s been very naughty recently in general, in fact. I caught her up on the kitchen counter FIVE times last night! As soon as she hears me yell “No” she jumps down and hightails it outta there before I can spray her with the water bottle. I’m sure she’s up on it licking the dirty dishes as we speak. Silly, naughty, lovable little kitten… 🙂

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